Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2010

I saw posts last year about the blogger quilt festival and just never got around to uploading some photos.

After reading this morning on twitter that today would be the last day to post photographs for the festival I thought hmmmm…  Its a beautiful day, why not snap some photos of my just finished Christmas quilt.

This quilt is from a pattern from Quilts and More Magazine that came out around last Christmas time.  I fell in love with this quilt.  I knew at the time it was way beyond my skill level, so I just kept it on the shelf as future inspiration.  A few months later my husband took me on a trip to Old Town Spring in Texas and all of their Christmas fabric was marked down, and I thought.. hmm… this could work.  That is as far as I got.  There it sat on the shelf as a “wish I had the time” project.  The seasons changed, the kids got older and my nerves got more frazzled and then summer began.  4 Boys, smaller house, new puppy, and by the time school was ready to start, I was ready for some change.  So there I was looking around my studio and I uncovered this beautiful fabric from times past and thought.. Yup this is exactly what I need.

I had never made a flying geese, I had never basted, I had never machine quilted.  I had 5 quilt tops under my belt, all that had gone out to be quilted by someone else.  I was determined, I needed a break and I finally needed to do something for me.

4 weeks later it was finished!


This is my first attempt at machine quilting.  Many lessons were learned

1. No need to use invisible thread (I could have used beige for top and green for the bobbin thread)  It would have saved myself many hours of frustration.

2.  Have plenty of needles handy, I broke 12 in the first 20 min.  The 13th needle lasted the rest of the project

Thank you so much for viewing my quilt, I cant wait to view others!